16. 03. 2017
Acies Bio received the “Jesenko Award” from Biotechnical Faculty of University of Ljubljana. The award recognizes institutions for their outstanding research work in the field of... More >>
17. 06. 2016
European Medicines Agency (EMA) granted orphan medicinal product designation to its lead compound CAB1803 for Pantothenate-kinase-associated neurodegeneration (PKAN). PKAN is an inherited... More >>
15. 01. 2016
Whey2Value technology has been awarded a substantial grant from EU Horizon 2020 SME INST program. Acies Bio will set-up a prototype processing plant to launch production of organic vitamin B12 on... More >>
10. 08. 2015
Join us at CPHI Worldwide in Madrid, Spain from 13 to 15 October 2015. You can find us at the Bio Services pavilion, stand 3A100. We will be happy to talk to you! More >>
04. 05. 2015
Antimicrobial resistance and the shortage of novel antibiotics have led to an urgent need for new antibacterial drug leads. Several existing natural product scaffolds (including chelocardins) have... More >>
10. 02. 2015
As part of Horizon 2020 programme, the European Commission is searching for potentially disruptive businesses to invest and support as part of the SME Instrument. ACIES BIO was identified as... More >>
05. 01. 2015
Within TRIH grant scheme (Translational Research Initiative for Hearing) applied research projects which have a strong commercial potential are supported. Accordingly, ACIES BIO Ltd. with... More >>
30. 12. 2014
May this year bring new happiness, new goals, new achievements and a lot of new inspirations. Acies Bio is wishing you a successful and prosperous 2015! More >>
25. 09. 2014
ACIES BIO developed a highly efficient one-step in vivo recombinational cloning technology platform ABCloneTM to enable: fast and efficient cloning of long (200kb+) and complex natural DNA... More >>
22. 08. 2014
Scientists at ACIES BIO developed innovative technology to address a major economic and environmental issue for the dairy industry: waste whey.Waste whey, produced by the dairy industry as much as... More >>
05. 09. 2013
ACIES BIO is expanding its research facilities with an addition of 200 m2 laboratory space. With this new investment, ACIES BIO is expanding its capacity for organic synthetic chemistry as well as... More >>
30. 09. 2012
ACIES BIO, in collaboration with University of Cantabria and Grupo Sodercan (both Spain), is co-funding a newly established research group at the Instituto de Biomedicina y BiotecnologĂ­a (IBBTEC)... More >>
02. 08. 2012
The World’s largest pharmaceutical fair, CPHI Worldwide, will be held this year in Madrid from 9.-11. October. ACIES BIO will also be present at the fair and all visitors are kindly invited to... More >>
14. 02. 2012
ACIES BIO and Biotechnical Faculty of the University of Ljubljana signed a general agreement to collaborate in the scope of the biotechnology studies program and to promote the transfer of... More >>
01. 12. 2011
ACIES BIO participates as a leading SME partner in an EU-funded consortium to develop novel treatment for iron-related neurodegenerative diseases Neurodegeneration with brain iron accumulation... More >>
16. 06. 2011
In June 2011 ACIES BIO signed a strategic partnership with a leading Chinese university East China University of Science and Technology (ECUST) to collaborate on joint research projects. With this... More >>
19. 02. 2011
In the pursuit of expanding our R&D services also into the field of synthetic chemistry, ACIES BIO recently acquired a fully equipped synthetic chemistry laboratory. A senior chemist with over... More >>
05. 11. 2010
ACIES BIO becomes a co-founding member of the Competence Centre for Biotechnology Research and Innovation KC-BRIN, together with leading Slovenian industrial and academic partners, in order to... More >>
18. 09. 2009
In partnership with top Slovenian research institutions, ACIES BIO became the founding member of one of the two Slovenian Centres of Excellence in the field of life-sciences, the Centre of... More >>
10. 04. 2008
During the traditional gala award ceremony at the 28th annual conference on entrepreneurship and innovation PODIM in Maribor, ACIES BIO was announced winner of the prestigious business award... More >>
01. 02. 2008
With the new addition ACIES BIO’s research facilities at the newly built Technology park Ljubljana Brdo now total approx. 400 m2. The park’s convenient location in the vicinity of the... More >>
ABCloneTM is fast and efficient solution for cloning of large natural and synthetic DNA fragments. We provide ABCloneTM as a stand alone service for getting quickly your long DNA fragment sub-cloned into plasmid vector of your choice.

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Acies Bio received the “Jesenko Award” from Biotechnical Faculty of University of Ljubljana. The award recognizes institutions for their outstanding research work in the field of biotechnology.

Scientists at ACIES BIO made a breakthrough innovation: high-value technology that uses unique and economic bioprocess to convert acid waste whey from dairy factories into high value animal feed products (vitamin B12) and clean water in the same process. Check out Whey2Value!

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European Medicines Agency (EMA) granted orphan medicinal product designation to its lead compound CAB1803 for Pantothenate-kinase-associated neurodegeneration (PKAN)

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