Disruptive Innovation in Whey-Waste Management

Scientists at ACIES BIO developed innovative technology to address a major economic and environmental issue for the dairy industry: waste whey.
Waste whey, produced by the dairy industry as much as 200 million tones annually, is due to its high organic content, a heavy pollutant and environmental burden and represents a great expense for dairy industry. Because of high water content, whey is also very costly to transport offsite for processing and utilization and much of the waste whey ends up being processed at expensive wastewater treatment systems. The innovative and IP-pending GMO-free technology uses a unique and economic bioprocess to utilize whey as a primary ingredient for microbial fermentation to produce a sustainable high-value product, namely vitamin B12. At the same time the technology greatly reduces the negative impact on the environment by almost eliminating entire organic content, thus enabling a drastically reduced costs of wastewater treatment.

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European Medicines Agency (EMA) granted orphan medicinal product designation to its lead compound CAB1803 for Pantothenate-kinase-associated neurodegeneration (PKAN)

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Scientists at ACIES BIO made a breakthrough innovation: high-value technology that uses unique and economic bioprocess to convert acid waste whey from dairy factories into high value animal feed products (vitamin B12) and clean water in the same process. Check out Whey2Value!

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Acies Bio received the “Jesenko Award” from Biotechnical Faculty of University of Ljubljana. The award recognizes institutions for their outstanding research work in the field of biotechnology.