Proprietary R&D

In-house R&D on development of novel platform technologies and drug discovery

Drug discovery

In the scope of its in-house drug discovery program, ACIES BIO uses its expertise in biosynthetic engineering and synthetic chemistry to develop of novel bioactive compounds focusing on anti-infective, anticancer, anti-inflammatory and neuroregenerative applications.
The approaches used in our drug discovery program are a combination of:

  • genetic engineering of metabolic pathways as well as biosynthetic engineering of large multi-modular enzyme complexes such as polyketide synthases and non-ribosomal peptide synthetases (NRPS), encoding for biosynthesis polyketides (PKS engineering), in combination with chemobiosynthesis to produce novel structural analogs, 
  • semi-synthetic derivatisation of compounds produces by biosynthesis and/or chemobiosynthesis or 
  • chemical synthesis of novel compounds or structural analogs of existing compounds

ACIES BIO drug discovery pipeline is mainly focused on the following areas:

  • new macrolactone-class bioactive compounds, developed using biosynthetic engineering and chemobiosynthetic approaches;
  • new tetracycline-class bioactive compounds, developed using biosynthetic engineering and semi-synthetic approaches.

ACIES BIO is currently looking for co-development / licensing partner for each of these drug discovery pipelines.

Acies Bio received the “Jesenko Award” from Biotechnical Faculty of University of Ljubljana. The award recognizes institutions for their outstanding research work in the field of biotechnology.

Within H2020 SME Innovation Associate project we invite a “Disease Model Development Manager” to join our team.

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ABCloneTM is fast and efficient solution for cloning of large natural and synthetic DNA fragments. We provide ABCloneTM as a stand alone service for getting quickly your long DNA fragment sub-cloned into plasmid vector of your choice.

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Scientists at ACIES BIO made a breakthrough innovation: high-value technology that uses unique and economic bioprocess to convert acid waste whey from dairy factories into high value animal feed products (vitamin B12) and clean water in the same process. Check out Whey2Value!

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European Medicines Agency (EMA) granted orphan medicinal product designation to its lead compound CAB1803 for Pantothenate-kinase-associated neurodegeneration (PKAN)

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