Proprietary R&D

In-house R&D on development of novel platform technologies and drug discovery

Heterologous expression systems

Many promising newly discovered or known natural products are produced by “exotic bacteria”, which are difficult to manipulate in the laboratory, grow slowly, expression of the target metabolite is often unstable, and scalability to large industrial scale fermentations in often extremely difficult and un-economical.

Thus, ACIES BIO has developed a set of robust industrial high-producing actinomycete strains, which have some of the most powerful and high-yielding bioprocesses for secondary metabolite production to date. The actinomycete strains, used by ACIES BIO, have had decades of intensive strain improvement and are capable of producing secondary metabolites with yields in tens of grams per liter. ACIES BIO heterologous expression hosts are tailored for efficient expression of target metabolites and are highly suitable to express gene clusters from difficult microorganisms, including high GC content, with availability of a wide variety of substrates / biosynthetic “building blocks”, needed for efficient production of target products.

ACIES BIO has also developed industrial hosts for expression of target proteins/enzymes for biopharmaceutical or industrial applications. For this purpose, we have engineered and optimized industrial high-producing actinomycete and Bacillus strains, which allow for an efficient and highly economical production of proteins.

The following components are essential for an efficient heterologous expression technology platform: 

  • Gene tools and methodologies which enable efficient manipulations and expression of individual genes or complex gene clusters; 
  • Suitable industrial high-producing hosts and corresponding bioprocess / fermentation technologies;
  • Necessary metabolic pathways encoding biosynthesis of specific building blocks have to be mobilised on suitable vectors and readily transferable to the industrial high-producing hosts to ensure supply of all necessary metabolites for biosynthesis of the target product. 

Within public call "Enhancing innovation potential and competences in companies", Acies Bio was recognised as one of the innovative companies with best potential to contribute to international competitiveness of Slovenia through smart specialisation.

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Acies was part of Bio World 2017, a unique forum for industry global leaders, policy makers and investors.  
The action is co-financed by the Republic of Slovenia and European Union from European Regional Development Fund.

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