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WHEY2VALUE - Valorising waste whey into high value products

Whey2Value is a patented technology, which converts acid waste whey from dairy factories into high value animal feed products (vitamin B12) and clean water in the same process.


Acid waste whey is a major environmental issue for the world’s dairy industry and its disposal is very expensive.
Whey is a large volume by-product of cheese production, generating worldwide 190 million tons/year, of which only 50% is processed into food and feed products at high costs.
Approximately 50% of whey (mainly acid whey) is discarded and must be treated at wastewater stations or using other costly disposal technologies, presenting a huge economic and environmental burden to the industry.

Current waste whey generation process


  • unique and economic bioprocess to utilize whey as a primary substrate for microbial fermentation
  • sustainable production of high-value products from waste
  • complete conversion of acid whey into vitamin B12 contained in protein rich biomass, and purified water
  • B12-enriched biomass used as high quality animal feed
  • purified water can be recycled as technological water by dairy factories, further reducing their environmental footprint



  • patented technology
  • creating vitamin B12 from acid waste whey
    • lower production costs
    • lower investment costs
    • lower operational costs
    • better product quality for competitive price for premix industry
  • lower environmental footprint (clean water)
  • potential market leader in B12 animal feed application market in 2020
  • better quality of vitamin B12 (non-GMO, no cyanide, natural-organic form

Within public call "Enhancing innovation potential and competences in companies", Acies Bio was recognised as one of the innovative companies with best potential to contribute to international competitiveness of Slovenia through smart specialisation.

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Acies was part of Bio World 2017, a unique forum for industry global leaders, policy makers and investors.  
The action is co-financed by the Republic of Slovenia and European Union from European Regional Development Fund.

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