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Synthetic chemistry

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ACIES BIO researchers have over four decades synthetic chemistry expertise in development of different generic as well as original synthetic and semi-synthetic products and scaling up developed synthetic routes to industrial production scale. Our team is highly competent to carry out the most demanding synthetic chemistry projects.
In its synthetic chemistry projects, ACIES BIO pays a close attention to process efficiency and economics, but also on potential environmental impact of the chemicals and processes used. In ACIES BIO we have developed a particularly strong expertise in the field of “green chemistry” which allows us to apply principles of sustainability to our synthetic projects including the use of alternative solvents (e.g. water, ionic liquids) and renewable chemicals, thus bringing an additional important added value to our clients.
Our support in synthetic chemistry may include:
  • custom synthesis of new compounds
  • improvement of synthesis of generic compounds: development of new or improved synthetic routes, improving yield/recovery
  • developing alternative synthesis of target compounds based on principles of “green chemistry”
  • combining synthetic chemistry with biocatalysis to develop highly efficient and economical processes

Within public call "Enhancing innovation potential and competences in companies", Acies Bio was recognised as one of the innovative companies with best potential to contribute to international competitiveness of Slovenia through smart specialisation.

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Acies was part of Bio World 2017, a unique forum for industry global leaders, policy makers and investors.  
The action is co-financed by the Republic of Slovenia and European Union from European Regional Development Fund.

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