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Acies Bio at EFIB

Acies Bio at EFIB


Acies Bio has been invited to speak at EFIB, Europe’s premier conference dedicated to Industrial Biotechnology and the Bioeconomy - October 6 and 7 2021 in Vienna, Austria.
In his presentation at the conference’s Sustainable Finance: Building Value and Enabling Scale-Up session, (Session A, 9:00 – 10:30 AM, October 7), dr. Gregor Kosec, Acies Bio’s Director for Research & Development, will share insights into methods Acies has perfected to turn industrial biotech projects into commercially viable products.
SmartRoute, a lean R&D process workflow platform the company invented to achieve greater production efficiencies, was instrumental in the rapid development of OneCarbonBio, a recently launched solution by Acies Bio to convert waste CO2 into value-added biomaterials.
Dr. Kosec will also share lessons learned from financing projects such as the build-out of a pilot-scale facility that have been key to the company’s success in maintaining its position on the leading edge of industrial biotech research and development.
Dr. Kosec will be available during the conference to speak with attendees in more detail about Acies Bio’s experience in Industrial Biotechnology and about potential partnerships. Please contact Acies Bio to schedule a meeting with Dr. Kosec at the EFIB conference.