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OneCarbonBio Platform Launch

OneCarbonBio Platform Launch


Acies Bio, a leading European biotech company, today announces the launch of OneCarbonBio, a platform that employs the latest Synthetic Biology engineering techniques to transform CO2 waste into next generation bioproducts such as sustainable chemicals, biodegradable plastics, and ingredients for food or feed.
“OneCarbonBio completes a puzzle whose other pieces - recently deployed carbon capture and green hydrogen technologies and industrial fermentation equipment - were previously in place,” said Dr. Gregor Kosec, Director of Research & Development at Acies Bio.
OneCarbonBio delivers cost and performance advantages significantly greater than those of current solutions that are employed to extract valuable chemicals from CO2 derived feedstocks. It also significantly minimizes environmental impact.
The platform reduces costs by making use of methanol, an alcohol that is readily available and inexpensive to transport, as its feedstock. It improves performance by yielding desired molecules (monomers) at a level of concentration that can be as much as three times greater than the level existing solutions can attain.
High cell density fermentation techniques, patented chassis strains and genetic tools the company’s scientists have invented enhance the OneCarbonBio platform’s functionality and complement the nearly twenty product inventions and process innovations the company’s portfolio of intellectual property encompasses. A tightly-integrated development process Acies Bio has perfected over the course of more than a decade ensures a consistently high level of performance.
OneCarbonBio benefits the environment by achieving a reduction in the demand for land resources that is 20-30 fold greater than traditional plant-based fermentation feedstocks would require to compete with production that is fossil-based.
“OneCarbonBio is just the latest in a long line of innovative solutions we have developed and scaled that turn waste into valuable products”, said Dr. Štefan Fujs, CEO of Acies Bio. “A solution we developed to convert waste whey into useful vitamins, demonstrates our commitment to the environment and support for the Circular Economy,” he added.
To realize the OneCarbon Bio platform’s full potential and enable customers to achieve their commercial objectives, Acies Bio is actively pursuing opportunities to partner with leading companies in the Chemical, Agriculture and Food industries.

Download the brochure: OneCarbonBio 8-2021.pdf

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