SmartFluidics 2.0

SmartFluidics 2.0


Acies Bio expanded its proprietary microfluidic platform to SmartFluidics 2.0. The new platform enables additional possibilities for ultra-high-throughput strain screening of diverse microorganisms.

“During 13 years of partnerships in development and optimization of industrial production strains and bioprocesses, Acies Bio has solved many difficult challenges and provided solutions to many industries, such as pharma, food&feed, and AgBiotech. In the last two years, we introduced a microfluidic pre-selection step in several projects, leading to shorter timelines in titer improvement. This encouraged us to invest further in this area and with SmartFluidics 2.0, we are now able to take advantage of the power of this technology in a much wider range of projects”, says Acies Bio director of R&D, dr. Gregor Kosec. 

SmartFluidics 2.0 allows a shift in the traditional paradigm and screen millions instead of several hundreds of strains per week on much bigger variety of microbial strains, particularly larger eukaryotic cells. The platform is now compatible with additional detection principles providing a larger versatility of desirable traits which correlate with increased efficiency of our partners’ industrial bioprocesses. “With successful validation of the new generation of our microfluidic platform, we have greatly increased the ability to detect significantly improved mutants derived from high-throughput genome editing approaches. New generation of µfluidics offers simpler and more robust encapsulation, as well as control of splitting and merging – offering time-controlled performance of bioassays in diverse growth media,” comments dr. Peter Panjan, head of µfluidics at Acies Bio.

While Acies Bio SmartFluidics 2.0 offers the researchers a higher versatility in types of microbes that can be cultivated and molecules that can be detected, it also outperforms other systems in accuracy and reliability of screenings. Improved controllability of the flow system offers excellent inter-run reproducibility. Smart Fluidics 2.0 was designed with ever-changing experimental approaches in microbial biotechnology in mind. Its modular design makes it highly adaptable to specific research questions that need to be answered during different stages of the development process such as higher production of target compound, reduced by-product formation, or enhanced growth of the preferred microbe in a demanding industrial setting. Acies Bio SmartFluidics 2.0 technology for growing of diverse microorganisms in small droplet-size bioreactors will make development of new green technologies for biotechnology even more efficient and will provide significantly faster turnaround times in the design-build-test-learn cycle. In a fast-changing world where customers are shifting towards sustainably produced goods, Acies Bio SmartFluidics 2.0 will provide pharma, chemical, and biotech companies with quick tailor-made microbial solutions to meet this need.

The project is co-funded by the Republic of Slovenia and the European Union from the European Regional Development Fund (