Acies Bio specializes on providing highly efficient synthetic solutions and manufacturing services tailored to fit our clients’ needs. We are skilled in a broad range of synthetic methodologies and capable of performing multi-step syntheses of targets with a complex structural framework. We combine synthetic chemistry with biotechnology thus providing simple, cost-effective solutions to complex research problems. We synthesize and deliver target molecules in quantities ranging from milligrams to kilograms. Besides scale-up of existing processes to pilot plant production, we are passionate for innovation and development of new methodologies, adding a great value from the IP perspective.


We have a proven track record in synthesis of API’s, reaction intermediates, metabolites, reference standards, process impurities, polyketide and oligosaccharide natural products, compound libraries, isotope labelled compounds and other structurally complex and bioactive small molecules.

We address challenges using multi-step asymmetric synthesis, transition metal-catalyzed organic reactions, Schlenk-line techniques, organometallic reagents and green synthetic chemistry. In addition, our team has an expertise in carbohydrate chemistry, in particular functionalization of aminoglycosides and cyclic oligosaccharides.

Finally, our chemistry expertise excels in complementing fermentation processes by providing guidelines for efficient recovery and purification of biosynthetic products as soon as basic fermentation parameters are established. Similarly, development of any semi-synthetic modifications of natural products is extremely efficient based on straightforward availability of the natural product starting material and proven expertise in achieving regio- and stereoselectivity in the context structurally complex natural compounds.

isolation and synthesis of impuritiessynthesis of natural occuring molecule analogsbiocide synthesis

main molecule with M > 2000

more than 10 impurities isolated from a finished product

independent synthesis route designed for all componuds

gram quantities of all impurutues prepared

several analogues synthesized

isolation and preparation for pre-clinical studies

4-step synthetic route

82% overall yield

high purity without use of chromatography

in-house synthesis on kg-scale

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