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Initiating the development of downstream processing steps early on in development of bioprocess technologies is one of the key advantages of Acies Bio. Our expertise ranges from simplest inactivated biomass based products to multi-step isolation and purification of target molecules with API grade purity. We always aim for the right balance between purity of the material and acceptable price of the final product, based on the requirements of each market segment. At the end of the DSP, we can also derivatize the purified compounds into semi-synthetic products.


DSP development is always done with industrial scale in mind, taking into account the equipment and expertise available in  partner’s production facilities. Diverse centrifugation or filtration-based approaches for biomass separation are followed by solid-liquid and/or liquid-liquid extractions and finally, in most demanding applications, by classical chromatography or preparative HPLC. Downstream development is fully supported by a wide range of readily available in-house analytics.

Isolation of a potent immunosupressantIsolation of a tetracycline antibioticPurification of an antiviral agent

15 % overall recovery yield increase

20 % lower processing cost

20 % higher purity of crude material

industrial HPLC replaced by flash chromatography

replacement of column chromatography by liquid-liquid extractions

expensive stationary phase replaced by generic

reduction of chromatographic steps

API purity increased from 94 % to 97 %

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