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Fermentation Process Development


To fully exploit the potential of developed strains, we consider bioprocess development steps from very early stages of the project. Optimal media ingredients are selected based on detailed understanding of strains’ physiological parameters and using production partner’s existing sources wherever possible. With scale-up starting from 5L, and increasing through 30L to 150L bioreactors, we ensure stepwise optimization of key bioprocess parameters and finally smooth bioprocess transfer to production site which we facilitate.


With decades of experience in industrial fermentation development, we focus on space-time-yield performance already during the R&D phase. Straightforward analytics of key parameters is established and constraints of downstream processing steps taken into account. We incorporate innovative, circular economy inspired solutions to achieve maximum eco-efficiency. We provide our production partners with confidence of achieving optimal use of resources and minimizing manufacturing costs of target products.

Production of a B-group vitaminBioprocess for a polyketide on a 150 L scale

10 % less raw materials used

40 % yield increase

space-time yield improved by 25 %

seed train times reduced by 50 %

yield improvement by 25%

impurities cut in half

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