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Strain development


Directed evolution is an essential part of successful strain engineering. We fine tune key parameters of chemical and physical mutagen exposure for each strain, from common cell factories like E. coli and S. cerevisiae to physiologically most complex bioactive (secondary) metabolite producing organisms (e.g. actinomycetes, Myxobacteria). To assure fast progress and optimal use of resources, we constantly optimize high-throughput screening conditions, achieving a fine balance between robustness of cultivation in μL-mL volumes and correlation with industrial-scale conditions.


Based on our in-depth knowledge of microbial physiology and biosynthetic pathways, insight from key analytical data and “omics” analyses, we conceptualize a comprehensive metabolic engineering or synthetic biology strategy for each project. We complement standard cloning procedures with DNA synthesis, in vitro and in vivo recombineering, strain-specific genetic tools and ABClone, Acies Bio proprietary platform for cloning fragments of up to several 100 kb of DNA. We have proprietary host strains available for heterologous expression of polyketides, peptides and proteins.

novel antibacterial polyketide by Myxobacteriareduction of impurities in an antibiotichigh yield strain for a vitaminheterologous polyketide expressionindustrial protein productionindustrial API technology

rapid non-GMO strain improvement in 6 months

increase of yield from 20 mg/L to 500 mg/L

25 g of previously unavailable API delivered

GMO without residual antibiotic markers

80% reduction of key impurity

no loss of target compound yield

metabolic engineering

about 30 copies of gene operon amplified in the genome

yield increased from 0.1 g/L to over 25 g/L

60 kb gene cluster cloned

heterologous polyketide production achieved

proprietary heterologous high expression platform used

secretion mechanism used; 90% secreted

protein tagged to simplify DSP

start with a wt-strain

24 months

from 100 mg/L to 10 g/L


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