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With decades of industrial experience, we carry out all projects with constant consideration of constraints and limitations of the final project goal. Starting from project design and high-throughput microliter scale cultivation through bioprocess development in laboratory bioreactors through DSP development, media ingredients, analytical methods, and product recovery schemes are developed based on the required purity and economics of the final product as well as existing equipment at client’s facilities and preferred raw materials.


To further assist in transfer to industrial scale production facility, Acies Bio is able to fine tune key bioprocess parameters in its pilot scale bioreactors and a corresponding scale in DSP development. In addition, multi-gram quantities of pure (i.e. API grade) material can be obtained and provided for evaluation or regulatory purposes. We also provide support in further scale-up efforts at selected client’s production facilities.

scale-up of B-group vitamin productionsolving large-scale CMO problemssmall-scale production at 150 L

150 L to 2,000 L in two months

2,000 L to 10,000 L in one month

scale-down replication from 80 m3 to 5 L

problem-free process at CMO in one month

crude product provided in 2 weeks

shaker-scale parameters used directly

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