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While not disputing the long-term potential of the bottom up vision of synthetic biology, Aces Bio excels in taking full advantage of the existing natural diversity, generated during millions of years of evolution. Experience and understanding of metabolic requirements of a wide range of microbial families, together with rapid development of specific genetic tools and transformation protocols, enables us to develop more efficient processes in shorter development time and with higher probability of success. In addition, the naturally occurring biosynthetic pathways are the obvious treasure to be exploited when non-GMO technologies are required by regulatory or market demands. Nevertheless, S. cerevisiae and E.coli are right there in our toolbox, well-known and easy to handle when they represent an obvious first choice for development or are preferred by our clients.

Actinomycetes/streptomycetes, different bacilli, Myxobacteria, Propionibacteria and lactobacilli are just some of the taxa that we have successfully mastered to develop industrially compatible fermentation processes as well as manipulated genetically to reach desired goals.

In addition to higher efficiency in the long term and head-start in development, converting non-standard microbes into industrial producing strains brings another important advantage for our clients. By relying on unique, non-standard microorganisms, we can often provide a stronger and more competitive IP position of developed technologies.

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